Concrete Cleaning Services


Here at Oliver Twist Pressure Washing, we are happy to clean more than just homes and buildings. We are also able to professionally clean concrete, However, we do things a lot differently when we clean concrete than many other pressure washing companies do. We don’t even use a pressure wand. You will see that here at Oliver Twist Pressure Washing, we use a surface cleaner to clean parking lots, driveways and concrete in Palm Beach Gardens County.


Our Methods to Properly Cleaning your Concrete

Our surface cleaner is unique, because it will provide you with a polished, uniform clean over your entire concrete surface. It uses four different rotating nozzles that will pick up dirt and grime easily. Our machines get up to 3500 psi and can easily heat up to 240 degrees to get you a clean like no other company can in South Florida.


You will see that prior to beginning the job, Oliver Twist Pressure Washing will send one of our highly trained professionals out to assess the situation. We will take a look at the condition of your concrete and take a note of any stains that may be on it, whether they are grease stains, break fluid stains, oil stains, oil or transmission oil stains, tree sap stains, tire marks, dirt, debris, algae, mold or lichen. We will use our findings to see what kind of cleaning solutions are needed to clean up the mess and what methods will provide you with the highest quality clean.


The Industries we Serve

We clean concrete for strip malls, businesses, restaurants, banks, churches, shopping centers, hospitals and other medical centers, we can clean it for you! We will use state of the art cleaning processes and the best possible pressure washing systems available to give you the best job imaginable. We use high quality, biodegradable cleaning solutions that are friendly to the environment and nontoxic to you. We will prevent the cleaning solutions from seeping into drains, as well, with EPA friendly equipment.


You will see that when your sidewalk, parking lot and other concrete areas are cleaned and well-maintained, it looks great to your customers. It will keep them fresh and new looking. We are happy to offer our clients affordable monthly service plans. We also offer weekly plans and 90 day plans. We will remove gum, stains and clean your concrete to your specifications.


We are highly trained professionals who have been in the business for years. We use better, more practical cleaning methods than our competitors and will get your concrete so much cleaner for you. If you are needing your concrete cleaned, give Oliver Twist Pressure Washing a call today and we will come out to give your your free, hassle free estimate today.