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    Interesting Facts About Palm Beach Gardens Once what was cattle ranches and pine forests bordering swampland in 1959 has now became an oasis of beauty called Palm Beach Gardens in the heart of South Florida. It originally was to be called Palm Beach City but since it was similar to Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens became the name. The original owner of land was John D, MacArthur with a population of “1” which was not Mr. MacArthur but instead a squatter he allowed to stay on the property. Through the 60’s and 70’s, the Palm Beach Gardens experienced rapid development and reached a population of about 7,000 people. By the 80’s the growth continued but still remained below 55,000. MacArthur wanted to show off his town and relocated an old banyan tree from Lake Park to Palm Beach Gardens. In the process of transporting it using the Florida East Coast Railway, the huge tree knocked out telegraph and telephone lines which disconnected communications between Miami and the rest of the world.  The following year, a second tree was also relocated. These two tree still exist today within the city and they are also seen on the city shield. In the 80’s the population had grown just under 55,000 and the Gardens Mall built in 1988 stimulated the economy. Additionally, over 5,000 acres of land owned by the city was also sold off creating even more growth. Moreover, an ordinance called Art in Public Places was adopted and an array of art work is now owned and featured throughout the city. In the late 80’s, much of the tropical landscaping was damaged due to freeze.  In 2004 and 2005 the city suffered some serious bad luck as it was hit by three hurricanes and then once the city was almost on it’s feet a 4th hurricane, hurricane Wilma hit destroying much of the property that was under repair. If you like golf, Palm Beach Gardens is a golf town with the Professional Golfers’ Association of America being headquartered in the city. Their are 12 golf courses including one owned by the city.The Honda Classic has visited the city twice and  as well as several other gold championships. Presently, if you are looking for the life of the city, visit Downtown at the Gardens, Midtown, Legacy Place, PGA Commons, or the Gardens Mall that was referred to above.