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Screen Enclosure Cleaning Company in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

When you have a patio or a pool enclosure that is made of screen, you probably already know that it has a tendency of getting dirty quickly. If you do not want it to be getting moldy and you want to prevent the growth of ugly looking algae on it, it is highly important for you to get your screen enclosure cleaned regularly. When your screen enclosure is growing mold or algae, it can be problematic for a plethora of different reasons. First of all, it just looks terrible and ugly, but the growth of mold can be highly dangerous for you and your family. As the spores continue to grow on your screen enclosure, they can begin to break off and move through the air, or even into your home. They can also attach themselves to other surfaces and begin to destroy those as well.


When your screen enclosure gets dirty, it is often neglected because you just don’t feel like going outside to clean it, and that can make being in your pool or on your patio a lot less pleasurable. If you don’t want to spend your time outside with a wire brush, using harsh chemicals to remove the algae, mold and grime from your screen enclosure, give us a call and let us clean it for you. We are happy to send one of our professional pressure washers out to your property to get the screen enclosure clean in no time, with no damage to your property.


Our Process

We use a combination of both high pressure and low pressure washing to get your screen enclosure clean. We are also proud to use high quality, bio-degradable cleaning solutions to do the job. This solution will not only loosen the dirt, but also kill the mold spores immediately. We will then use our pressure washer system to spray all of the dirt and grime away. If you would like your pool deck to be cleaned as well, we are happy to do it. You will see that we shut off all pool equipment while we clean and when we are finished, we will turn all of your pool equipment back on and test it to ensure it’s working as it should be.


You will see that this is a job one person is completely sufficient for. If you are considering having your pool screen enclosure cleaned, give us a call today and let us send one of our highly trained professional pressure washers out to take a look and assess the situation. We are happy to provide you with an obligation free quote and hope you will hire us to clean your screen enclosure so that you can enjoy your pool or patio.