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Anyone can go out and purchase a pressure washer, but if you do not know how to use it properly, you could cause damage to your property. Hiring a professional pressure washer to clean your property can ensure that the job gets done right.
Yes, pressure washing can cause damage if it is not done properly. This is why hiring one of our professional pressure washers, who are trained in soft wash methods and will use biodegradable cleaning solutions, will ensure there is no damage done.
Absolutely. It’s a neutral cleaning agent used to kill and treat mold and mildew, and to ensure the safety of your home and loved ones, we follow a simple “Tarp, Rinse, and Rinse some more” procedure.
Yes! We will do anything we can to ensure your happiness with the job we do or offer a solution. However, if you are still unhappy with the services we’ve provided, we won’t charge you a dime for the job done.
We feel that we are better than our competitors because of our level of experience and the great people we have working for us. We’ve cleaned thousands of properties and have a huge base of satisfied and return clients.
We are happily insured with liability and personal property damage insurance in case there is ever any damage to your property. We also cover our employees with workers compensation insurance in the event of injury.
Every property is different, so give us a call and we will help you make the right decisions for your property.
We are happy to offer our services to Palm Beach Gardens, Palm Beach County and all of Southern Florida.
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Thank you for choosing Oliver Twist Pressure Cleaning, Inc. as your Pressure Cleaning Palm Beach Gardens solution. Our new website was launched in May 2014 and over the next few months, we will add the most common questions to this page to aid you in understanding power washing techniques. We’ve taken the time to begin to explain Pressure Cleaning below in the hopes it may answer any questions you may have.

A pressure washer is a mechanical sprayer designed to produce high-pressured water that is used to remove dirt, mud, dust, grime, mold, and loose paint from objects or surfaces that exist on surfaces such that as vehicles, buildings, wood, or concrete. Most pressure washers produce pressures from 750 to 30,000 psi. The pressure washer normally consists of either a hydraulic, electrical or motorized pump connected to a high-pressured hose with a switch that is similar to the trigger of a gun. Like a nozzle on a garden hose, the switch allows the high-pressured or low-pressured water to escape creating force that when released can be used in the aid of such things like roof cleaning. Many pressure washers allow for the injection of a chemical detergent that assists in the cleaning of a surface. The water is normally drown from a water hose spigot or a reservoir container on the back of a flatbed truck.

In Palm Beach Gardens, finding a professional Pressure Cleaning Palm Beach Gardens company such as Olive Twist Pressure Cleaning, Inc. is essential due to the fact that if a pressure washer falls in to the hands of someone who is not trained in its use, it could strip too deep and cause damage to surfaces such as roofs, siding, patios, wood decks. Although issues may be the killing of landscaping such as bushes, trees, plants, flowers, etc. Even pool furniture may be destroyed by a non-professional. So choose a power washing company that you can trust such as Oliver Twist so that you know your project or job will be done right, the first time.

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