Cedar Roof Cleaning Palm Beach Gardens

Oliver Twists offers Cedar Roof Cleaning in Lake Worth. If you own a cedar shakes roof, please read the important information below on how a roof cleaning may be beneficial for your home.


Why get your cedar roof cleaned?


First, roof cleaning is an essential part to maintaining your cedar roof.  Unchecked growth from mold, algae, & lichen does not just lead to an unsightly curb appeal. Organic elements can eat away at your shingles and structural support, leading to costly repairs.  Newer roofs (built within the last 3-4 decades) are especially susceptible to organic growth and rot due to differences in how the shingles are laid.


Second, proper roof care can save you thousands on early roof replacement.  A properly installed and maintained cedar roof should last the homeowner decades. Prematurely replacing your roof can cost you tens of thousands of dollars. Before you replace, contact your roof shingle manufacturer, call us at Oliver Twist Pressure Cleaning, or consult with another certified cedar roof cleaner to determine the maintenance process and schedule that works for you.


Third, it makes your roof look great!  Your roof is one of the most visible pieces to your home.  It is readily obvious to any of your neighbors or visitors that pull up to your home.  See the before and after examples of our work.  We make cedar roofs look like they were brand new.


A major advantage we offer over other roof cleaners is that we use a soft wash roof cleaning process.  Soft washing the roof does not pose the same risk to your shingles that a pressure washer can present.  We also avoid walking on the roof (or do so as little as possible) to prevent any damage that can be caused by foot traffic.  In addition, we use a cleaning solution that is safe for your roof, landscaping, and pets/wildlife.  Our goal is to leave no lasting effects other than a beautiful roof and a happy customer!

So contact us today to get your Cedar Roof cleaned. (561) 248-1053